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As test providers, the IELTS Partners seek to support standard setting studies by offering expert advice, the IELTS Scores Guide book with USB/DVD and grant funding. The IELTS partners have in recent years supported a number of standards setting studies conducted by national organisations who use IELTS scores for professional and migration purposes in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA. Test users can commission qualified experts, or they can conduct internal standards setting studies themselves.

There is an extensive literature on standards setting and the relative merits of various methods available. Those interested in conducting their own standards setting exercises should consult Cizek (2001) for a useful introduction to the field. The IELTS Joint-Funded Research Program is able to provide grant funding for researchers who wish to undertake IELTS standard setting studies within their own educational institutions.

For more information, see our grants and awards page on our website.

Recommended reading:
Cizek, G J (2001) Setting Performance Standards: Concepts, Methods and Perspectives, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers.

IELTS is a good thing to have. We ask all our students to provide us with an IELTS score to enter our courses. We believe genuine candidates are happy to do so.

Lesley PowellLeeds City College, UK
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